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Food services

In order to offer a tailored experience, the Sherbrooke Exhibition Centre provides food services. The exclusive and official caterer is Festin Royal.

Bar and beverage service

The Sherbrooke Exhibition Centre holds an amphitheatre-type liquor license (categories [D] dance, [P] film projection and [S] shows).

The Centre is also member of AlcoSéquence service.

Handling and hooking

From the moment you arrive at the Sherbrooke Exhibition Centre, our team of professionals takes charge of unloading delivery trucks and moving your equipment.


For the safety of visitors and exhibitors, the Sherbrooke Exhibition Centre provides a surveillance camera system, as well as a first-aid room equipped with a cardiac defribillator. Our staff has undergone first-aid training and is able to intervene quickly in an emergency.

Electrical service

The Sherbrooke Exhibition Centre provides cutting-edge electrical service offering many possibilities. For more information, contact  Joakim Lemay , at 819 560-8888, ext. 3204 or by email at [email protected]